Agreements & Policies



User Agreement


This User Agreement (“Agreement”) serves as a reference guide to provide the Customer (“You”) with a concise and comprehensive understanding of the policies and procedures for purchasing precious metals with Silver & Gold, via via the website. Before placing an order to purchase from Gold Online, you first must create an online account. It is mandatory to read and accept all of the terms and conditions set forth in the agreement.

GoldOnline reserves the right to amend this User Agreement from time to time. The User Agreement deems to take effect once it is updated on the website.

Price Confirmations and Binding Agreement

After an offer is being made, a phone call will be made to you from GoldOnline within one business day. Otherwise, a detailed email confirmation would be sent to your mailing address as provided in your account details. The receipt of an Order Confirmation from GoldOnline means that you have agreed upon a binding agreement to purchase bullion at the specified price. The price at which your order is submitted would be referred to as the locked-in price. Our prices are updated every 15 (Fifteen) minutes. The final price confirmation is the price stated on the last page of your checkout procedure. Please check before locking in the prices.

GoldOnline reserves the right to cancel any order in the event that GoldOnline is unable for whatsoever reason to supply any or adequate bullion to satisfy your order, or if customer payment is not received within the Timeframe specified, or when the confirmed price is incorrect, whether due to technical faults, metals market or export/import restriction.



All sales are final.  They are not cancellable, refundable or returnable.  The full amount of the order must be paid within 24 business hours.  However, if your payment is not received within 1 business day of the order date, the customer will be subjected to market loss policy and a admin fee of $50. GoldOnline reserves the right to cancel your order should such events occur.


Privacy Policy

GoldOnline respects your right to privacy. Therefore, GoldOnline, will not sell, share or exchange your information with any third party, without consent or approval. 


Market Loss Policy

Once an order is submitted and a confirmation number is given, the transaction is valid and it may not be cancelled unless the individual is willing to bear the difference in the ask price based on our current ask price, if any, and an additional SGD$50.00 cancellation fee. Any market gain in price will not be refunded.