Jewellery Care

After spending your hard earned money on jewellery, we are sure that you will want your jewellery to keep it's lustre and shine through the next few years. Here are some tips on caring for your jewellery.


Things to avoid while wearing your jewellery.

1)     Refrain from wearing your jewellery into swimming pools and spas.

2)     Refrain from wearing jewellery when engaging in high intensity exercises.

3)     Refrain from wearing your jewellery during your shower times.

4)     Refrain from getting your jewellery stained with makeup, hairspray etc.

Things to do for taking care of your jewellery.

1)     Use jewellery polishing cloths to maintain the shine of your jewellery.

2)     Use warm water to remove tough stains and dirt.

3)     Use silver anti-tarnish strips in your jewellery storage container to absorb the oxidants which may cause decolouration to your jewellery.

4)     Keep you jewellery secure at all times. To prevent the smaller/movable pieces from getting lost, use white fabric-lined jewellery boxes or using a simple shoebox with pieces of fabric.

5)     Use boxes or hard casing to store your jewellery while on holidays or business trips, the last thing you want to know is that your precious jewellery has been mis-handled and has gone out of shape.