All about Jewellery

Gold is the most sought after precious metal since ancient times. Gold is a symbol of wealth, a symbol of class, a symbol of achievement. Great human achievements are frequently rewarded with gold. Olympic medals and Nobel Prize trophy are two of the many world-class awards that are made of gold. 


999 purity gold also known as 足金 to the chinese. 999 purity gold is pure gold, which means there is no other metals mixed in it. 999 purity gold is very well received by chinese all over the world.


916 purity gold is 91.6% gold, mixed with 8.4% of other metals such as silver and copper. 916 purity gold is known to be harder and more durable.


四点金 is part of the traditional betrothal gift of a chinese marriage. The groom's parents will give a set of 四点金 to the bride in the olden days to let the bride know that by marrying into their family, she is assured of a carefree and happy life. The bigger the set of 四点金 presented to the bride, the wealthier the groom's family is. As the name implies, 四点金 is made up of 4 different gold jewellery. A necklace, a bracelet, a pair of earrings and a ring. Traditional designs are designs with a pair of 龙凤 which represents the groom and bride in harmony and modern designs are big fully blossomed flowers to signify the fully blossomed love they share.