Complaints/Compliments Resolution Procedure

General Procedure

All compliments and complaints should be recorded in the Complaints and Compliments Register.  

Compliant and Compliment Definition

Individuals and/or groups may choose to voice their complaint or compliment over the phone, face to face or in a written format.  The representative of GoldOnline receiving the complaint or compliment can either refer the matter to their supervisor or engage with the stakeholder to assist in the definition of their complaint or compliment. 

In general we need to know from a complaint or compliment:

  • The name of the person making the complaint or compliment
  • Where and how we can contact them if required
  • The details of the complaint or compliment

For complaints specifically:

  • What the person requires from GoldOnline to put things rights
  • Whether this issue has been raised in the past
  • Who dealt with it if it was previously raised

This information should be lodged in the complaints and compliments register.

Complaints Resolution

Informal Process

All clients and stakeholders who consider that they have a dispute or complaint will be requested to address their complaint informally.  

  • In the first instance, the aggrieved should schedule a face to face meeting with the person concerned to discuss the complaint informally utilising effective and professional communication.  
  • If the aggrieved is not comfortable with this process they should consult GoldOnline's representative or relevant manager to support them in this process.
  • If the aggrieved is a client, information will be provided to them on how to source advocates who can assist them throughout the complaint resolution process.
  • If the dispute / complaint cannot be resolved at this meeting the formal process must be followed.

Formal Process

All formal complaints are to be submitted in writing to

Assistance in completing this documentation, if required can be gained by contacting Gold Online Pte Ltd.



Person Responsible

Initial response to complaint within 5 working days of receipt

Identified responsible officer

Resolution within 21 working days from initial receipt

Identified responsible officer

Follow-up of complaint process within 10 working days of resolution.

Identified responsible officer

Upon receipt of a formal complaint the Identified responsible officer shall:

·         Record the complaint electronically in the required GoldOnline format and create a file where documents can be stored confidentially. 

·         If the complaint indicates the potential for Abuse, Assault or Neglect, and Abuse Prevention Response Officer will be the resolution officer. 

·         The risk to the organisation raised by the complaint will be assessed and recorded in the Board of Management risk register by the appropriate manager. 

Investigation, Mediation and Resolution

Upon receipt of a documented complaint the nominated resolution officer will:

·         Conduct comprehensive interviews with relevant parties to gain relevant information pertaining to the complaint.

·         Schedule a resolution meeting with the aggrieved once all investigation has been completed.

·         Invite the aggrieved to bring a support person of their choosing.

·         If the aggrieved is a client in need of the support of an advocate, steps will be taken to ensure they are provided with support in accessing appropriate advocates.

·         Establish the role of each person at the beginning of the meeting.

·         Confirm requirement of confidentiality by all parties.

·         Allow all parties to state their case.

·         Mediate as required.

·         Take accurate and detailed meeting minutes.

·         Summarise agreed resolution to all parties.

·         Clarify the next steps to be taken.

·         If requested by the aggrieved, provide formalised copies of meeting minutes.

Complaint (Follow-up)

Within 10 working days of the complaint being resolved, or upon an agreed timeframe with the person lodging the complaint, the Identified responsible officer will conduct a follow-up interview with the aggrieved either via telephone or in person to gain feedback on the process. Should there be a reason to lodge a complaint against GoldOnline or a person associated with GoldOnline, the GoldOnline Complaints Resolution Procedure is to be followed. At any stage of this process, you have the right to seek guidance and assistance from an external agency, E.g. CASE Mediation Centre.